Coffee Gold | 25 Sativa Hemp Seeds

Coffee Gold | 25 Sativa Hemp Seeds


 Coffee Gold Seeds from Africa, regular seeds of a landrace Sativa variety from the heart of the "Wild Coast" in the Coffee Bay area of South Africa.


This area is nicknamed for having once been home to countless coffee trees, reputedly the result of a shipwreck which lost its cargo of coffee beans. This boat was also reportedly transporting cannabis seeds, from which this 100% Sativa variety may have originated.

For a long time this plant, mixed with tobacco, was traded as a medicinal plant by the Bomvana, Amapondo and Xhosa tribes, being highly appreciated for its therapeutic properties and considered true medicine by these tribes.


As this plant does not grow very abundantly in the area, it is all the more appreciated and valued by locals for its rarity as well as its properties.


The natural habitat of this variety is a semi-tropical climate with hot, humid summers and mild, dry winters, making it very resistant to heat and mold.


It reaches a medium to tall size, forming long branches laden with large, dense flowers and leaves with long, slender, lime-green leaflets that can take on darker colours at the end of flowering, in the style of purple varieties.


Its aroma combines lemon and tangy grape flavours, with notes reminiscent of Earl Gray Tea, and its effect is psychedelic and relaxing, both mentally and corporally, offering an enjoyable feeling of well being.


Coffee Gold Hemp Sativa

Seeds Origin: South Africa, Africa

50% Males - 50% Female

Strain: Coffee Gold Sativa

Germination Rate: 65% - 100%

Hemp Seeds For Growing

Mixed Non-Feminized / Feminized

Seeds in Package: 25 Coffee Gold Sativa Cannabis | Hemp Seeds


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