Mozambika | 25 Sativa Hemp Seeds

Mozambika | 25 Sativa Hemp Seeds


This pure Sativa variety grows at the forest edge near the coast, in a tropical climate alternating between two seasons: a very rainy season, with frequent cyclones, and another dry and very hot season. This makes it perfectly compatible with cultivation in an indoor grow space as well as outdoors.


Mozambika plants possess extreme resilience and are adaptable to difficult conditions, resistant to mold and to drought periods.


This variety is legendary in the stories of the Tsonga people for giving huge and powerful plants that could reputedly evoke spirits in people just by being near them.


In the wild it usually grows in small clumps of several plants, getting large and well-branched, becoming covered in an abundance of hairy and resinous flowers that can take on some bluish and turquoise colors.


It has a fruity, sweet and spicy aroma, very intense and exotic, and its effect is extremely psychedelic and cerebral, stimulating and meditative, sharpening the senses and causing euphoria, especially when consumed with a cannabis vaporizer.


Seeds in Package: 25 Mozambika Sativa Cannabis | Hemp Seeds



Seeds from Africa Mozambica info:

  • Type: Regular seeds
  • Genetics: Landrace from Mozambique
  • 100% Sativa
  • Flowering indoors: 91 days
  • Harvest outdoors: Late November
  • Yield: High

Seeds in Package: 25 Mozambika Sativa Cannabis | Hemp Seeds



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